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A little side by side comparison of my mesh #orchardcorset  over the dress as decoration and under as foundation. I like both... any preferences? #tightlacing  #realcorsetsrealpeople  #waspwaist  #meshcorset  #selfshot  #tightlacingcorsets  #curvy  #redhair 


a month ago falincy_store

Daaang 🤩💜 You look so perfect 💞. We would love to see you wearing our treasures! Dm us to know more about the colab

a month ago techieguy71

I'm no help, I like both as well.

a month ago hobiecat1968

This is a very pretty dress, but the corset isn't so much - sometimes stealthing give much better results to the overall look - two very colourful or very pretty things at the same time "battle" each other, so none of it looks at its best ....😉

a month ago buttonslives

What a woman! I like without better 😍

a month ago zbignjew

I like both too

a month ago enbyfashionproject

They serve different fashion functions, I think. Both are gorgeous. The corset version lends a period/vintage quality to the ensemble. For a balloon event or a really formal awards dinner, go with the corset version. Date night or clubbing, the other one. 😉